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180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety, "Page 88" Sunday March 12, 2023

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180 Bible Verse for Conquering Anxiety, Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Let us Pray

"That's right. Because I, your God, have a firm grip on you, and I'm not letting go. I'm telling you, don't panic. I am right here to help you."

Isaiah 41:13 MSG

Today's Reading is from 180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety.

It's important to remember that God won't ever let you go of you, although others might. You might have a relationship or two come to an end, that you never saw coming. You'll lose people you deeply care about to death. Many will move across town, or to other parts of the country, and your bond will naturally deteriorate and some might have to use their time and effort elsewhere, in areas that require more of them now than before. It's normal for our tribe to be changed as we go through life. But the constant who will always be your sounding board and encourage her through stress and strife will be the Lord. And friends his grip on you is firm and loving. Tell him what you need!


My take away:

180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety

One thing that gets harder when you get older is keeping in touch with all your friends that you grew up with.  However, we all go our separate ways, like, get married, have kids and move away for better opportunities.  It is special if we are able to keep in touch with our friends.  However, with the Lord, he is there with us all the time.  He will never leave us.  God is Good, always.  

Make it a great day and do the best you can.  After all we have God right by our side.


Leslie, Owner of Bennett Avenue Boutique

Leslie, Owner of Bennett Avenue Boutique

180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety

180 Bible Verse for Conquering Anxiety

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180 Bible Verse for Conquering Anxiety, Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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"My true story... 

I was out of touch with God and Jesus for many, many, many years...and not at a very high point in my life at all. I was feeling so bad that I hopped in my truck and looked around to where I wanted to go..  I was running from all my problems.  I saw a church and I heard the voice of God telling me to come in and see him.  I was also being told, why do you want to do that? you will be laughed at and looked at funny, (mind you I was practically in my PJ's)...  I did not listen to the negative voice and followed God and walked into the church, sat down and just listened.  This was the day that I knew that I was being called back to the Lord.  After the service, I took a deep breath and felt so much better.  As I continued to give my attention to God, I noticed life became so much better. Today, I don't miss a Sunday of Church, as it helps me stay focused and grounded.  I am so glad that I turned my truck into the church parking lot that day, as my life, health and spiritual being is so much calmer and better with the Lord."

I love the Motto from my church and it goes like this:

Know, Follow and Share Jesus.

"I could not agree more."


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180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety

We hope that you enjoyed today's reading from 180 Bible Verse for Conquering Anxiety, Page 88, read by Bennett Avenue Boutique.  

We wish you all the best, and will pray with you always.  Have a blessed day.

Leslie, Owner of Bennett Avenue Boutique

180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety
Hearts and Flamingos

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180 Bible Verse for Conquering Anxiety, Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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