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The feeling and confidence you want everyday in your life.......

Faith & Feel Good

It's who we are and what we believe in... Faith and Feel Good. Combining all of these qualities above is what makes us unique on what we offer. We want you to feel yourself surrounded by God, uplifted by inspiration, comfortable and relaxed, spoiled with delicious coffee's, treated with unique gifts and your spirits lifted by amazing fragrances and self care products.

Softness & Comfort

Comfortable fabrics made by brand names that are known for their softness and comfort. True to sizing clothing that you can trust and count on to make your day feel super comfortable.

Quality & Artisan

When it comes to quality you should expect nothing but the best when making the your online purchase. That is why we offer the highest quality in clothing, jewelry, accessories, gifts and more. Artisan coffee's to kick start and warm your day. Devotional books to calm your heart and stickers to brighten your day. Don't forget to give yourself the self care you deserve with our various fragrances, bath and body products, that are smell good feel good products that are made in the USA

Timeless & Classic

Every collection focuses on timeless and classic pieces that will stay in style for years to come. Traditional and conservative that contemplates on more relaxed styles and great for the weekend lover looks that you love. Seriously for the basic t-shirt and jeans kind-of gal, while still staying up with the latest trends with easy to pair jewelry and accessories.

Leslie, Owner of Bennett Avenue Boutique..

Welcome Friends, Let's talk about God & Jesus and..

Our Core Beliefs...

Our commitment is God FIRST in all we do and provide. We praise God with sharing his prayers and scripture. Having a strong relationship with the Father is key to everything and anything we do in Life.

We are a Boutique that combines a place of both PEACE where you can come pray with us and an UPLIFTING place to shop for Spiritual Revival for your everyday life.

All products that we offer are Good for the Body & Soul. This includes the clothing, jewelry, accessories and all the quality, messaging and comfort that goes with them. Mixologie fragrance's that include all AMAZING ingredients that are great for your skin that will have a healthy impact on all your personal care needs. Also, the coffee's by Coffee Over Cardio that offer simple ingredients that come from the South American countries through direct trade with farms that are Vegan friendly, favored with extracts (like vanilla and almond extract) and no harsh additives making it one of the best choice to choose to indulge in a FABULOUS cup of coffee.

We only offer products that BOOST the QUALITY of your LIFE inside and out!

Let's join together on social media, email and come see us at the local craft shows in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Know Follow and Share Jesus with us | PROMOTE GOD'S LOVE and FEEL GOOD EVERYDAY!

God is Good | God is Good Indeed!